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Housing stock in New Zealand is at historical lows.

This puts pressure on both Buyers, Sellers & Movers due to limited choice – its not uncommon to hear of families waiting 12-18 months to find their next dream home.

PocketList® is here to change that, by increasing the number of homes for sale in a place we call the “Off-Market” by connecting Buyers & Sellers privately.

Your house isn’t ‘For Sale’ in the traditional sense, rather a passive listing that allows potential buyers to research further into the New Zealand Real Estate market to find their next dream home.

Listing your home as a Passive Listing on PocketList® means no open homes, no signage in your front yard and no upfront costs. Home owners negotiate directly with Buyers who can ‘Make an Offer’ through the platform, which if accepted, a Sale & Purchase agreement can be carried out by one of our partner solicitors.

Passive Listings not your thing? Upgrade your free listings with our additional marketing packages, including TradeMe Property, Professional Photography, and Signage – starting as low as $899.

Listing your home is easy, with no costs upfront! PocketList® takes only a 0.5% ‘success fee’ for connecting buyers & sellers in the off-market.

Households in New Zealand (31 March 2019)
Property Sales in 2019 (4% of homes)
Housing Stock in October 2020 (-18% vs LY)
+ 1 %
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