What is PocketList?

PocketList.co.nz exists as a platform that connects Buyers & Sellers in a place we call the “Off-Market”.

Your house isn’t ‘For Sale’ in the traditional sense, rather a passive listing where you can list with no upfront costs* at a price you would entertain offers over. No more open homes, hefty marketing fees, outdated agency commissions, or ‘For Sale’ signs in your front yard.

Buyers & Sellers negotiate directly and buyers can ‘make an offer’ called an expression of interest through our platform. If you accept, one of our partner solicitors will draw up the Sale & Purchase agreement. PocketList only charges a 0.5% success fee upon an unconditional offer on your home.

We have also re-imagined the way you search for property, now you can find your dream home that ticks all of your boxes such as Fully Fenced, Full CCC, Land Area, and even properties where the vendor prefers to sell to First Home Buyers only.

Our ambition is to increase the housing stock in New Zealand by 10% so that Kiwi’s can find their next dream home.

Why don’t I just list my home on the market?

Think about it, your house is probably one of the most expensive asset’s you will own in your entire life. When you decide to sell for whatever reason (downsizing, upsizing, family), you list it on the market only for a 4 week campaign and paying an upfront marketing fee anywhere between $2k-6k regardless of whether you sell your home.

Within those 4 weeks you are advertising to a select ‘pool’ of buyers that are either cashed up, or have serious cash flow to arrange bridging finance. The vast majority are the ‘movers market’ who already own their house and wouldn’t be able to sell their house in-time to make an unconditional offer at auction.

PocketList aims to both increase the pool of properties for sale in the New Zealand market, and also increase the pool of buyers available to ensure you achieve the full potential of your property.

We believe that almost every property in New Zealand would be for sale if a buyer hit their magic number, PocketList exists to create that magic and connect movers to buyers.

How it Works

Simply sign up for free, list your house passively on the market at your PocketPrice (everyone has their number!).

Sellers negotiate directly with potential buyers through our integrated messaging system and can arrange viewings etc. Prospective buyers can “Make an Offer” through our portal as an expression of interest – in which if you accept one of our partner solicitors will draw up the Sale & Purchase agreement.


What about Commission?

PocketList only charges a 0.5% success fee upon an unconditional offer on your home.

What features can I search by?

Long gone are the days of searching just for the numbers of Bedrooms, Bathrooms & Living rooms a property has. PocketList is revolutionising the way Kiwi’s think about buying and selling property. 

Our advanced features include tags that buyers are actively looking for such as “Do-Up / Home & Income / New Build / Renovated / Subdivision Opportunity” and our personal favourite “First Home Buyer Friendly”. A option that gives philanthropists or people who want to give back to the younger generation by giving them a helping hand onto the property market by listing their home with a preference of selling to a First Home Buyer.

We also have a number of standard features you can also search for including properties that have full CCC, Outdoor Entertaining, LED Lighting, Ocean Views and even Land Area to name a few!

How do I Make an Offer on a property?

It’s easy, each listing has a ‘Make an Offer” button under the contact form. When you have done your due diligence on a property, you can “Make an Offer” which is essentially an “expression of interest” which outlines any conditions and the price you are offering. If accepted by the vendor, PocketList will connect you to one of our partner solicitors to draw up a Sale & Purchase Agreement.

What if I prefer a different solicitor for my house sale?

PocketList partners with a number of different solicitors around New Zealand. We don’t discriminate, but solicitors need to sign up for our service. If you have a solicitor in mind, tell them about PocketList and we can sign them up and you can select them. Easy!

I’m an Agent. Can I store my off-market properties on PocketList?

This is a private sale platform, however if you sign up your vendor via usual due diligence we welcome any registered real estate agents to store their Off-Market listings on PocketList. We will make it clear if any listings are agency listings, and we will charge the agent directly our success fee.


How PocketList Works

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