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Introducing A New Way To Search For Property

The team at PocketList® are experienced buyers & sellers and understand the pain points that both vendors and buyers come across when trying to find their next dream home. That’s why we’ve built our platform to make it easy to find the home that ticks all of your needs, connecting you to your dream home faster than ever before. 

Property Labels

 What Is A ‘First Home Buyer Friendly’ Label?
  • Home owners listing with this label prefer to sell their home to a first home buyer, rather than an investor or otherwise.
  • They could be an investor or philanthropist who is wanting to ‘pay it forward’ to the next generation of home owners.
  • PocketList® understands how tough it is for first home buyers to get their foot on the property ladder, any homes that sell via the First Home Buyer Friendly label, and to a First Home Buyer will be charged No Success Fee as our way of ‘paying it forward’. 
  • Listings must be below $1.1M to qualify for a first home buyer listing.
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Our Partners

Once you agree on a price with a buyer through our ‘Make an Offer’ form. We will introduce the vendor to one of our partner Solicitors to complete the Sale & Purchase agreement in which your independent lawyer can review. 

Don’t have a lawyer? We work with a number of highly reviewed offices and would love to introduce you to them. Contact us to find out more.

How we are solving problems for Buyers


It’s not uncommon to hear of home owners searching for over 12-18 months to find their next dream home, with many biting the bullet and stepping into the unknown by selling their house first, and hoping that their dream home comes up before they have to start renting. A lack of quality listings slows down the ‘Mover Market’. Having your home listed on PocketList® increases the number of homes prospective buyers can search for in the New Zealand market. This inflates the number of homes on the market, giving the movers market more room to find their next dream home. We believe that any home would be for sale at the right price, you just need to find a suitable buyer. PocketList® exists to create that magic, by connecting sellers to buyers searching for their dream home.


PocketList® operates as a free market based on supply/demand/unique characteristics that determine price. However features such as Sellers wanting to sell to a First Home Buyer can be added to the listing if an investor or philanthropist wants to help out the younger generation – keep an eye out for these “First Home Buyer Friendly” labels.


Ever wanted to search specifically for a do-up or subdivision opportunity? How about fully renovated properties or by land area? PocketList® allows you to search from a number of advances features unique to our platform that will help you find that home that ticks absolutely all of your boxes.

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