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Passive Listings

No Upfront Costs

Not everyone enjoy’s opening up their home to nosy neighbours each week, let alone pushy agents. Now you can list your home for free and sell off-market through PocketList’s Passive Listings.

Create a Passive Listing for free today, all you need is some photos and an idea of the price you want to entertain offers over.

Marketed Listings

From as low as $899

PocketList can offer you a comprehensive marketing package to help sell your home off-market.

Success Fee

0.5% Success Fees

PocketList acts as a platform to connect Kiwi home buyers & sellers in a place we call the off-market (private sale). By creating this magic, and to be able to continue our no upfront cost model we charge a 0.5% success fee upon a successful unconditional offer on your home.

For the average Auckland home that is worth $1M, we can save you up to $25,000 in commission from what the large real estate agencies would charge. We feel the current home buying & selling model is outdated – with the right marketing tools and search function, we are able to connect Kiwis to their next dream home faster and more efficient.

Now, how about that new boat?

Our Partners

Once you agree on a price with a buyer through our ‘Make an Offer’ form. We will introduce you to one of our partner Solicitors to complete the Sale & Purchase agreement. Due to the volume of homes we sell, we have managed to secure you the best lawyers at very competitive rates charged by the solicitor directly. 

If you have your own Solicitor, that’s fine – PocketList will still charge you a 0.5% success fee for connecting your home with a buyer. 

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